What shoes to choose for a wedding in the fall?

What shoes to choose for a wedding in the fall?

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Although summer is coming to an end, the wedding season continues until the end of October. Autumn is quite a whimsical season, making the question of attire for a wedding and reception often uncertain. Both the dress and shoes for the autumn wedding are sometimes a conundrum – whether to wear a light creation and sandals in the hope of the last rays of summer sun, or not to risk and bet on full boots, and maybe even boots on a pole? We suggest what shoes to choose for a wedding in autumn and how to match them with your outfit.

Elbow sleeve and pumps

If you want to choose the most universal option, wear a dress with elbow sleeves to the wedding. It won’t protect you from the cold in the morning, but it will definitely keep you warmer than a typical sleeveless wedding dress. Thick tights can also help protect you from the cold, and they won’t interfere with your pumps as they would with open-toed shoes. The longer sleeve on a dress makes it more appropriate for the fall season and allows you to choose more weather-appropriate accessories. Boots with a built-in toe, although still just stilettos, will protect your feet from the cold better than heeled sandals

Boots and leather jacket

Who says your favorite black leather can’t be worn to a wedding? It just requires the right setting. If low temperatures, wind and rain are forecast, don’t insist on stilettos. It’s better to dress warmer than to suffer from poor closet choices later. Choose warm and comfortable heeled boots. Styling with such shoes will have a light claw, which will allow you to easily create a rock outfit. Beautiful and very elegant boots for evening dress you can buy on the website Brilu.pl. For such boots and leather jacket choose a dress in a bolder color – red or emerald green will be most appropriate here. Of course, if you think it is appropriate, ask the bride beforehand if she will not be bothered by a guest in such a distinctive color. For some women on their wedding day, this can be a problem

Boots and long sleeves

For a wedding in late autumn, don’t be afraid to wear boots with an upper. Such shoes will be comfortable and allow you to dance the night away. Warm clothing does not interfere in any way with the fun at the wedding and is not at all less elegant. Such an outfit can be really stunning, you just need to choose the accessories well. It is very beneficial to such autumn-winter stylizations look dresses in dark colors. It is known that at weddings it is better to avoid black, because of the wedding superstitions, but bottle green, maroon or red will be the perfect colors for autumn fun. If you want your outfit to be light despite its long sleeves, the sleeves can be cut. This way it will not create an overwhelming effect. Boots, although seemingly too heavy for an elegant creation, for a dress at least half calf long, will fit perfectly

The wedding is a party primarily for dancing, so the shoes are actually the most important on it. If you want to have fun all night and not complain about sore feet, no matter what type of shoes you choose, pay attention to their quality. It is the material of the stilettos and the profile of their soles that determine whether the shoes are comfortable or unwearable

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