Garden in glass – how to make it? Discover ideas for an interesting addition to your interior

Garden in glass – how to make it? Discover ideas for an interesting addition to your interior

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Garden in glass is a fashionable and impressive decorative addition to any interior. How to make it yourself?

Gardens and forests in a jar are the interior decorative hit of recent years. Plant compositions closed in decorative glass vessels are an eye-catching decoration of shelves, dressers and windowsills. Such an installation works well as a gift: for Mother’s Day, on the occasion of a birthday, or as a thank-you for parents during a wedding. In florists, DIY stores and specialized online stores we can buy a ready-made garden in glass. We can also make it ourselves.

Garden in glass – what it is

The garden closed in glass is a kind of miniature ecosystem. A miniature Earth on our shelf. Within the glass vessel is created an appropriate substrate and planting. Depending on the variant – closed or open vessel – the garden should be watered or left alone.

Arrangements in the glass can be converted to a fragment of the forest, based on moss, be made of succulents or flower plantings. However, not every plant is suitable for growing in a jar.

In addition to plants and a suitable substrate, the glass vessel is also filled with decorations. These can be miniature figurines, fountains, cones and stones. Everything depends on our imagination and the effect we want to achieve. The garden in glass can be stylized as a Japanese garden, a playground, mountain pastures and many others.

Garden in glass – buy ready-made

Gardens in glass can be successfully bought as ready-made compositions. If you decide to buy in a stationary store, you should receive from the seller detailed instructions for the operation of our mini garden. Pay special attention to the type of plants that are in the jar. Are they more or less demanding, what position do they prefer and so on. All this may affect whether the garden brought home in glass will acclimate to the place chosen by us. Ready compositions can also be bought on the Internet

Garden in glass – how to do

Making a garden in glass by yourself is not difficult. In specialized stores you can buy a ready DIY kit containing all the necessary elements and instructions. You can assemble the glass garden by yourself and then give it as a gift to someone close. Amateurs of garden works will like the possibility to make the arrangement themselves.

To make the garden in glass we need

  • a glass vessel – a large jar, a hanging glass bubble, a decorative vase or a bulbous bottle will work;
  • substrate – suitable soil, decorative and drainage gravels, active carbon;
  • plants – suitable miniature plants that will survive in a glass garden;
  • decorations – decorative pebbles, gravel, figurines, accessories. Everything with which we decorate our garden in glass according to our taste and preferences;
  • tools – with the right tools, work in the garden in glass will be much easier. Remember that the space within which we will work is small. Suitable thin, long and precise tools are essential;
  • accessories for watering and spraying – precise sprayers, pipettes and syringes are perfect. We can also bet on decorative watering cans in decorative shapes.

Spill drainage gravel at the bottom of the glass container. Another thin layer is activated carbon. Then we put a layer of earth (about 6 cm). In such a prepared substrate plant and arrange the decorations. Ready!

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