How to clean floor panels?

How to clean floor panels?

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Flooring panels and moisture are not the best combination. When exposed to water, a wood laminate floor deteriorates very quickly, which is why many people are afraid of wet mopping it. Yes, it should be done rarely, but it is impossible never to wash floors at home. So how to wet wash your laminate floors without damaging them or causing the joints to bulge? We will tell you!

Use as little water as possible

When washing your laminate floors the most important thing is to use as little water as possible. Unfortunately, traditional mops put a lot of liquid on the surface because they can’t be squeezed effectively. In addition, they are not as absorbent, which makes wet stains or spills difficult to wipe off, as the moisture simply rolls off the floor. The ideal tool for cleaning laminate and saving it from spills is a rotary mop. It allows for a very thorough wringing and spinning, so its fibers remain only slightly damp and don’t soak the panels in a dangerous way because they don’t create puddles. Its fibers are made of microfiber so they are extremely absorbent, which is invaluable when you need to quickly wipe spilled juice off your panels. The rotary mop is the safest floor care device for your laminate floors.

Use hot water

Use the hottest water possible to clean your laminate. First, it will act as a disinfectant and kill some of the microbes on the floor. Second, hot water is easier to dissolve stubborn stains and third, and most important, hot water evaporates quickly and leaves your panels dry and clean. Cool or room temperature water evaporates very slowly, which creates a layer of moisture on the floor, which can be absorbed by the panels for several minutes. Unfortunately, this is enough for the panels to begin to bulge and split at the joints. A rotary mop soaked in hot water dries very quickly and leaves practically only a delicate film of evaporating water on the floor. If you want your floor to last for years and stay in perfect condition, use only hot water to clean it

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Use a floor cleaner with a drying agent

If you don’t want to use hot water or just want to make sure your panels dry in seconds and don’t get wet, add a floor cleaner with a desiccant to the water. Such liquid not only cleans and disinfects the floor, but also speeds up the drying time of the floor. Such a desiccant shortens the water evaporation period, which makes the floor dry faster and prevents the panels from getting soaked with moisture and getting damaged in such a short time. Floor care liquids allow you to care for your laminate flooring, some of them increase its flexibility for example, which reduces the risk of cracking the wooden panels. By caring for the panels they also become more resistant to abrasion, and this affects their durability and means that they can look beautiful on the floor for very many years

Floor panel care is a tricky subject because panels and especially their contact with water is a risky affair. However, wet mopping the floor without damaging it is not unfeasible. It’s important to follow the basic rules that will allow you to keep your panels in pristine condition for many long years.

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