5 interesting board games for an evening

5 interesting board games for an evening

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Family board games are the perfect way to spend time with your loved ones. There are many games created especially for evenings with the family. They are designed so that both the youngest and older ones can have fun with them. We present the most interesting proposals.

Games for the whole family

A board game for the whole family should, above all, be comprehensible and have easy-to-explain rules. Family gaming means that younger and older family members play together, so the rules of such games should not be too difficult.

A family game may or may not have a neutral theme. Depending on the interests of the family members, you can bet on something that will be interesting to everyone. It is worthwhile for the game to guarantee rivalry, but in a cheerful, friendly atmosphere. Board games that ensure cooperation between players and joint action against a given goal can also be a good idea. By creating strategies and taking action together, family members learn to cooperate and rely on each other.

War games

This is perfect for military enthusiasts. A war board game will allow family members to take on the role of a military officer and complete assigned tasks. An example is the game “On the Fields of Flanders.” Players must reach the designated line as quickly as possible. Tactics are important here, and the game will certainly instill in the family a desire to compete. This is an option for hours of entertainment, and can be found at https://zagrajmywplanszowke.pl/Wojenne-c863.

Classic Monopoly

This game probably needs no introduction to anyone. It’s perfect for people of all ages – older and slightly younger. It is a very simple board game. Players set their pawns on the “start” field, throw the dice and circle the board, buying and selling properties on the way. If they hold any property card, the person standing on that field must pay rent to the owner. This game allows you to plan your tactics accordingly and make successful investments. The game is designed for children over the age of eight, but there are variants suitable for younger players.


This is another solution that everyone is probably familiar with. The game is simple, so it can be played even with very young children. The only thing you need are cards and a vivid imagination. On the cards there are, for example, objects, professions, activities or animals. The player’s task is to show, without using words, what is on the picture. The puns can be played individually or in teams.

The arcade game “Lubudu”

The players’ task in this board game is to build a tower from plastic pieces that have different shapes and sizes. The game has three variations and depending on which one you play, the person who builds a specific tower the fastest or the one who builds the highest tower wins. The game teaches patience, composure and precision. It can be played by children as young as six years old.

Educational “Było sobie życie” (“It was a life”)

This board game is about testing your knowledge about the human body and health. It can be played by children from the age of seven. The goal of this board game is to collect a set of tokens as quickly as possible. To do that, you have to correctly answer questions, defend against virus attacks, use the possibilities of the “chance” field and watch out for the “bad luck” field. This is an interesting, educational solution for an evening with the family.

The offer of board games perfect for a family evening is large. Depending on the family’s preferences, it can be a game of agility or logical thinking. Certainly, everyone will find something perfect for themselves.

Main Photo: Karthik Balakrishnan/unsplash.com

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