Self-acceptance – how to work on it?

Self-acceptance – how to work on it?

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Self-acceptance can be difficult, especially if you are constantly comparing yourself to others. However, it’s helpful to know your strengths and love your flaws. Treat self-acceptance as a valuable skill and start developing it

The small steps method

The key to developing habits is making small commitments. Focus on what you have already accomplished. Don’t just rely on your motivation. Prepare a realistic plan of action. This will help you turn a specific task into an automatic behavior. By implementing specific actions, you will become more confident. You will be more willing to approach new challenges. You will also notice your strengths, which will help you achieve success

Pay attention to your environment

Ask yourself, what kind of people you surround yourself with? Does anyone constantly criticize, blame and depress you? If so, distance yourself from them. Look for people who accept you and believe in your abilities

Forgive yourself

Regrets from the past can prevent you from practicing self-acceptance. Forgive yourself and move on. Whether it’s something you did or a certain personality trait that contributed to a faux pax, it’s important to learn from your mistakes. Make efforts to grow and accept yourself. Remember that you cannot change the past. You do, however, have an impact on what happens in the future

When you are tormented by remorse, recall these words: “I made the best decision based on the information I had at the time.” In retrospect, the behavior or decision may seem wrong, but in the moment it seemed like the best choice

Celebrate your strengths and accept your weaknesses

When thinking about your strengths, ask yourself some key questions. What traits of your character do you like? What professional areas do you feel strong in? What are you good at? Make a list of your strengths and past accomplishments. Read it when you’re feeling down. This is a great way to practice self-acceptance. Remember that you can always update this list. Instead of focusing on failures and mistakes, replace a negative thought with a positive one.

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Silence your inner critic

Many people equate their inner critic with the voice of reason. They claim that he or she always tells the truth. However, consider whether you would say the same thing to a loved one. Rather, treat it as an unwarranted and harsh judgment. The inner critic wants to protect you from disappointment and failure. However, it is worth it to be brave and move towards your goals

To appease your inner critic. You can choose a realistic mantra. Look for words that calm you down and give you encouragement during difficult times. Remember that you are only human and you have the right to make mistakes. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on your dreams. Treat failure as a learning opportunity.

Separate yourself from your emotions

When you experience negative emotions, see them as separate events and not as part of you. Observe them. Don’t let them take control of you. Remember that you don’t have to observe or believe them. Think of them as passing objects or a leaf blowing in the wind

Conduct a Gratitude Session

Wake up in the morning and think about what you are grateful for. Include yourself in this. If something didn’t work out for you, think about what lessons you can learn from the situation. Remember that no one is perfect

Practice deep breathing

Concentrate on deep, calming breaths. This is a simple but extremely effective relaxation technique. You can learn it easily and apply it in a variety of situations. It allows you to relax quickly.

Sit comfortably with your back straight. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Breathe through your nose. The hand on your stomach should rise and the hand on your chest should move. Exhale through your mouth. Try to push out as much air as possible while contracting your abdominal muscles. The hand on your abdomen should move as you exhale, and the other hand should move only minimally. Inhale through your nose and mouth. Pay attention to the rising and falling of your lower abdomen. While exhaling, calmly count to eight.

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