Establishing a lawn – a beginner’s guide

Establishing a lawn – a beginner’s guide

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Wondering when is the best time to start your lawn? We have good information! The best time is now, at the end of summer. Check out how to start a lawn.

Starting a lawn – when is the best time?

Most of us when asked “when is the best time to start a lawn?” will answer “in the spring”. But is this really the case? There are just as many lawnmowers who prefer to lay a lawn in spring as there are lawn owners who prefer to lay a lawn in autumn. We have to admit that the arguments in favour of autumn lawn care definitely appeal to us:

  • adequate soil moisture and less danger of drought than in spring,
  • relatively stable temperatures,
  • less risk of heat.

However, it is worth pointing out that autumn lawn sowing is best carried out at the end of August or the beginning of September and the above advantages apply at this time.

What are the advantages of sowing a lawn?

Sowing a lawn is considerably cheaper than rolling a lawn. However, when buying seed it’s advisable to choose products from reliable producers. And remember to choose a seed mix that suits the type of lawn you want to create and where you want to sow it. There is definitely a lot to choose from – there are ready-made grass seed mixes for shady areas, sunny areas and even for sports grounds or flower meadows

Sowing a lawn – how do I get the best results?

Sowing a lawn can be very effective if you follow these rules:

  • water the soil before sowing the seeds – this will ensure adequate moisture in the soil and speed up seed germination,
  • after sowing, water the entire area regularly with a gentle spray,
  • mow the lawn for the first time when it is 8 cm long – then shorten it to 5 cm.

What do I need to know about laying a lawn?

Roller lawns are more costly than seeded lawns, but the results are visible almost immediately. It is best to lay a lawn in September. If you want to lay a lawn yourself, plan it carefully. It is important to lay all the turf you have bought in one day – keeping the grass in rolls is not advisable (it can dry out and make it difficult for the grass to take root). You should also know that laying a lawn from a roll is not complicated, but it is definitely not light work. That’s why you should consider using a company that specializes in this

Plastic lawn vs. turf from the ground – which lawn roll to choose?

What is the difference between soil and plastic turf? Ground turf is separated from the soil it grew on, so its roots are shortened (sometimes even by half), which means it takes longer to root in the new location (up to 2 weeks). Foil turf is more expensive, even though at the buying stage it looks worse than turf from the ground. However, it is good to know that turf grown on plastic is very easy to take up, because its roots have not been damaged. Establishing a lawn from a roll gives definitely better results in a short time when you bet on turf from the film.

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