How to choose a floor for the kitchen?

How to choose a floor for the kitchen?

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What works well as a flooring material in the kitchen? What can I do instead of tiles in the kitchen? Is laminate a good idea in the kitchen? – Answers to these questions can be found in the article below.

Ceramic tiles are by far the most popular material used for finishing floors in kitchens. They are practical, easy to keep clean and can last for years. In addition, the wide price range among ceramic tiles allows you to find very cost-effective solutions.

However, not everyone is satisfied with a tiled floor, if only for aesthetic reasons. 

What other materials are suitable for kitchen floors? You will read about it below.

What instead of tiles for the kitchen floor?

Among the alternative materials used to finish a kitchen floor today are

  • wood,
  • terrazzo,
  • cork,
  • concrete,
  • stone,
  • vinyl flooring,
  • brick,
  • resin.

On the Internet there are questions about the use of laminate flooring in the kitchen – this solution is not recommended due to the poor strength of the panels, low resistance to moisture or mechanical damage. 

Wooden kitchen floor

Wood as a flooring material is perfect for kitchens and will last for years, provided you use a good quality material and maintain it properly.

Wooden flooring in kitchens can be made from hard wearing local varieties such as oak, ash, maple, beech or sycamore, or from exotic species such as mahogany, merbau, teak, jatoba, doussie or rosewood. Definitely avoid soft woods such as pine, alder or birch.

Vinyl flooring in the kitchen

Vinyl flooring is a practical, modern and aesthetic solution. A wide selection of colors, patterns, 3D prints, as well as imitations of natural materials, such as wood or stone, allows to create an interesting, unusual arrangement in the kitchen.

What’s more, vinyl flooring is stain and moisture resistant, has anti-slip properties and is very easy to keep clean. It is therefore a particularly practical material.

Another advantage is that in case of any damage, the carpet can be renovated. This is done by applying polyurethane or polymer-acrylic coatings.

Concrete floor in the kitchen

The first thing that comes to mind about concrete floor is its durability – resistant to scratches, moisture and external factors, concrete can serve us for years.

As far as aesthetics is concerned, modern methods of processing concrete and availability of decorative concrete tiles allow for creating impressive stylization in various rooms. This solution will work especially well in modern kitchens.

Remember that the concrete floor also requires proper impregnation.

Terrazzo for kitchen flooring

Also known as terrazzo or lastrico, this is an artificial stone, popular especially during the communist era. However, nowadays it is being used again and again, and terrazzo has undergone significant changes in its appearance. Colorful versions of this material, as well as aesthetic, ready-made tiles available on the market are gaining more and more supporters.

The floor made of terrazzo is characterized by durability, practicality and elegant appearance. The terrazzo kitchen floor will be a smooth, easy to keep clean surface.

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