How to choose the perfect painting for your living room? We suggest!

How to choose the perfect painting for your living room? We suggest!

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Paintings change the look of a room and can have many different effects. Nowadays everyone can choose exactly what they want, depending on the thickness of their wallet and their needs. If a painting on the wall is wrongly chosen, it can spoil a lot, but when it is rightly chosen, it can cause a significant increase in pleasant experience. So what kind of painting to buy?

Soothing nature

If we have a large, empty wall that we want to spice up with a painting, without having a specific preference, it is always safe to choose a painting with realistically painted nature. A view of beautiful, snow-capped mountains, stately oaks in the forest, a bouquet of colorful field flowers or a landscape with a river will make any room more pleasant. A view of beautifully painted nature calms a person and automatically connects our thoughts with a pleasant, quiet place. It sends the imagination back to soothing sensations. Even when we do not realize it, our brain, registering natural landscapes, produces endorphins, as if we really heard the singing of forest birds, the sound of a stream or the wind. Large images, such as 1 m × 1 m and larger, will have a particular impact

In style

If a room has a certain style, it’s a good idea to choose a painting accordingly to the style of the room. After all, we don’t want a clash of stately old furniture and on the wall, for example, colorful stamps of pastel parrots scattered bravely around the square. And the same is the other way round; a modern, flashy room in bold colors will not look good with a large, dark, classical portrait of an ancestor in a carved frame. In the first case, it will be tasteful to hang a classic still life with fruit or a crystal decanter, or a Kossak-style painting: horses in an elegant harness. And in the second example, you can reach for something with saturated colors. A painting with geometric variations or an abstract painting will go well with a modern room.

Images of passion

Paintings beautifully highlight and enhance our interests. If someone loves animals, they will always enjoy looking at paintings with animals. Then the style of the room will not matter much, as any interesting and good portrait of a horse, dog or hummingbird will do the job. Avid travelers like to look at the views they used to look at in real life, recalling wonderful adventures. They also like landscapes of places they are just dreaming about and where they plan to go. For them, paintings depicting the architecture of cities will be an apt choice. For example subtle watercolors with romantic streets of Paris, graphics faithfully depicting details of city halls, castles or churches or nature impressions showing emotions connected with different lands and their specific flora and fauna. The examples of paintings include the beaches of Morocco with their unusual, unprecedented light, the panorama of the Bieszczady Mountains with their wild, green climate, the misty cliffs off the coast of England and the view of a village at the foot of the Himalayas. And one more passion, which pictures look great on walls is motorization. Portraits of old and new locomotives look very interesting in the frames. Photos or pictures of colorful limousines and fast cars look dynamic. Series with motorcycles will also bring a lot of joy to fans of iron horses.

What to avoid

There are many themes that don’t do our mood any good or benefit. Paintings depicting negative emotions, pain or scary characters or scenes straight from a horror movie should not be hung on the walls in our home. Let’s opt for paintings with interesting landscape, still life or portraits. Let’s opt for beauty and harmony and let’s take care of a good mood

Size and form matter

Apart from the subject of the painting, its shape and size are also of great importance. Much depends on the place where it will be hung. Narrow and high surface enables hanging one long vertical or several small ones one under another. Larger works of art not only require a large enough wall to hang on, but also the room itself has to be large enough to admire the painting from a proper perspective

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