Colouring Hair at Home – What to Keep in Mind?

Colouring Hair at Home – What to Keep in Mind?

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There are women who will never decide to dye their hair on their own, entrusting their head only to professionals. A hairdresser not only knows how to dye hair well, but also knows all the secrets of the procedure. However, a service performed in a salon usually costs a lot, and the more reputable the specialist, the more expensive it will be. If you learn how to color your hair yourself, you can save a lot of money

There is really nothing complicated about this procedure if you study the instructions properly. The only time it gets tricky is when you are applying the color for the first time, but each time after that the procedure will be easier and faster for you. Do you want to learn how to colour your hair at home? Read what to look out for during the process.

Home Coloring – What to Look For?

There are many ways to color your hair these days. Some are so simple that they do not require a visit to the hairdresser. Drugstores carry a large selection of coloring dyes and coloring foams, as well as other products that can inspire you to create a new look. When using a mousse, the situation is simple because you simply apply it like a shampoo to get the color you want. However, if you want a permanent color with a special dye, it will be a bit more difficult – you should strive for an even coloring effect and also not damage your hair

Types of dyes

The new generation dyes are as harmless as possible and even help keep your hair in good condition. They are divided into products with ammonia and ammonia-free cosmetics. What is the difference between the two? We tell you!

Paints with ammonia

Ammonia dissolves in water, forming alkaline ammonium hydroxide. The purpose of this ingredient is to open up the hair cuticles and destroy the existing pigment so that new pigment can take its place. Therefore, coloring with dyes with ammonia is the most durable and effective. Before using such a dye, however, you should test it on a small area of skin to make sure that you are not allergic to the composition of the ingredients.

Ammonia-free dyes

In paints without ammonia there is no this ingredient, so they practically do not destroy the natural pigment. As a result, you can always quickly return to your natural hair color

After colouring your hair with ammonia dye your hair will usually look healthier than after colouring it with ammonia dye, but the pigment does not last as long and is washed out with every use of shampoo. An ammonia-free dye will also not cover gray hair or deal with discoloration.

General recommendations before colouring

Given the fact that hair coloring is done with chemicals, you should not only listen to the advice of stylists, but also follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in detail. If the coloring fails, then at best you will not be satisfied with the color, at worst – you risk skin allergies and hair damage

The first thing to do before coloring is to choose a color. If the color turns out to be wrong, all efforts will fail. Hairdressers recommend choosing a color that is a maximum of two tones lighter or a tone darker than natural hair. Radical transformations are not suitable for everyone and by coloring your hair this way at home, you can make many mistakes.

What should I keep in mind when coloring my hair at home?

Remember to follow the instructions that come with each package of hair dye. Mix the ingredients in the order and proportion that corresponds to the manufacturer’s directions, as each dye’s composition is different. Do not color freshly washed hair. It is best to wait 1-2 days after washing. The natural protective layer that the sebaceous glands produce will help maintain healthy hair

If you are coloring gray hair, do not use semi-permanent dyes

When coloring gray hair, it’s important to remember that you dye your hair at the roots first and then spread the dye throughout the strands. Since the dye will stay on the scalp (or roots, for example) longer than the rest of the hair, the result will be better. Use a timer or set an alarm so that you do not exceed the recommended colouring time. If you dye your hair light blonde and wash the dye out before time, you may end up with yellowing and orange tones. Do not increase the coloring time in this case either

How to dye hair at home?

To start coloring your hair, start by preparing all the necessary tools and products. Also, don’t forget to check your allergic reactions to the dye.

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