How to choose the perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve?

How to choose the perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve?

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New Year’s Eve is an occasion, during which we want to look special. Regardless of whether we are going to a big ball, a house party or we are spending this evening only with our closest ones, we usually try to take care of our outfit. Are you lacking ideas on how to look on this special night? We suggest what clothes to pay attention to and where to buy them.

Dress – the most common choice for the New Year’s Eve party

There is a reason why many women choose dresses for bigger outings. They are associated with elegance and festivity, especially because most of us choose pants every day.

On New Year’s Eve, a dress made of satin, shiny material, which is particularly fashionable this season, will be a great choice. Pinko offers a wide range of such models. Transparent outfits made of thin, openwork fabric are also very popular lately. It should be remembered, however, to wear an elegant slip underneath.

Long dress, in which you will feel like a real princess

On this special night of the year you may be tempted to put on a maxi dress. You will definitely feel like a princess in it and you will attract the eyes of all the guests.

The right cut of a long dress will not only emphasize all the assets of the figure, but also cover its imperfections. For the evening, models of dresses with a Spanish neckline or strapless are ideal.

Overalls – comfort combined with style

For several years many women have been choosing overalls for larger events, claiming that they are much more comfortable than dresses. And although opinions on this subject are divided, it does not change the fact that overalls will create a quick and fashionable style for New Year’s Eve night.

In the store we can find both long and short overalls. The choice depends on which one you feel better in. Models with long legs will make your legs look longer.

Suits – something for daring women

When women’s suit appeared in fashion, it was mainly associated with business dress code. Today, however, there are so many variations on its shape, form, material and colors, that we can successfully wear it also to a New Year’s Eve party.

For New Year’s Eve a suit in a distinctive color or made of shiny material will be perfect. If you want to get into the party spirit as much as possible, you can even choose a suit decorated with sequins. You can also wear a plain top underneath.

Shoes: the final touch

What would a perfect outfit be without well-chosen shoes? This element of clothing is especially important when we are going to spend New Year’s Eve dancing all night long.

Getting ready for a ball, we usually choose high heels or ballerinas. Their choice depends on the nature of the party and comfort. If you feel that your feet won’t be able to stand the long party in high stilettos, you can change your shoes for flat pumps after midnight.


A handbag is an irreplaceable accessory during an evening out. It should be small and capacious at the same time, so that you can fit all the things and trinkets which you will need on New Year’s Eve. If your whole outfit is classic and subdued, you can spice it up with a bag of an unusual form. Very popular are fur trimmed models by Guess

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