What should influence your choice of bathtub?

What should influence your choice of bathtub?

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Choosing the right bathroom fixtures is not an easy task. The bathtub is the basis of bathroom equipment, so it should look good, be functional and fit into the room. Read a short guide on what criteria to consider when buying a bathtub.

Dimensions, shape and type of bathtub

The bath tub must be adapted in size and shape to the space you have available. On the market, there are free-standing and corner bathtubs, as well as oval, rectangular and asymmetrical models. Very popular among spa lovers are bathtubs with hydromassage, but keep in mind that they are usually more expensive and take up more space. If you have a small bathroom and plan to buy only a bathtub, you can always invest in a bathtub screen, which will allow you to combine the comfort of a bathtub with the functionality of a shower. Another option could be to install a glass screen made of high quality plastic or purchase a delicate bathtub curtain.

Bathtub design

Safety is important when performing daily beauty treatments, but for many people the aesthetic aspects of the bathroom fixtures are also important. The shower tray, washbasin and bathtub you choose should match each other, and also form a cohesive whole with the tiles and furniture used in the bathroom. The color scheme of the bathroom fixtures is important – there are all possible bathtub colors available on the market, but replacing them is not an easy process, so it is better to invest in neutral and timeless colors. If you decide on white, pay attention to whether it is a cool or warm shade and check whether it matches the color scheme of the rest of your bathroom furnishings. Also, choose oval bathtub models whose shape prevents dirt from collecting in the edges. Other criteria to consider when choosing a bathtub include its capacity and how well it fits the height of all household members. Also of great importance is the ease of installation and storage system for cosmetics. Many people decide to buy a special enclosure for the bathtub with cabinets or to create a niche in the wall above the bathtub.

Materials used for production

When deciding to buy a bathtub, then, in addition to aesthetics and technical aspects, you should also pay attention to the material from which the bathtub you are interested in is made. Your choice is not limited to sanitary acrylic only. It is worth choosing long-term solutions and supporting environmentally friendly companies. Pro-ecological ceramics for bathroom interiors are often designed to prevent water loss and natural materials are used in their production. A good example is the Swedish bathroom fixtures manufacturer Marmitea good example is the Swedish bathroom fixtures manufacturer, which uses Mineral Composite, a material that consists of a combination of dolomite and flexible resin. This innovative material makes the ceramics durable and resistant to damage. The properties of Mineral Composite allow for freedom of design – it can be used to manufacture products of any shape and color. When buying a bathtub it is worth paying attention to the material, so that the product is ergonomically designed and maintains a constant temperature for a long time. The bathtub should not bend under the weight, not leak and be comfortable to use. It is good if, in addition, it will have an antibacterial coating. A wide selection of bathtubs made of Mineral Composite material can be found here:

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