Waxing – what should you know about it?

Waxing – what should you know about it?

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Waxing is a great way to have smooth skin. Say goodbye to ingrown hairs and irritated skin after shaving. Be sure to check out how to perform this treatment at home without visiting a beautician.

Hair removal at home – how to do it

Hair removal does not have to be difficult. You can use wax instead of a traditional razor, so you don’t have to repeat the procedure every few days and your skin remains smooth and pleasant to the touch.

To properly perform the treatment at home, you will need:

  • a wax warmer – you can buy it in two versions: for waxes in a roll or in a can;
  • hair removal strips;
  • wooden spatulas – if the warmer is for granular wax or for a can of wax;
  • post-epilation soothing oil with mint and aloe vera – to soothe irritation and remove wax residue from the skin.

If you don’t know how to wax, at first buy a wax warmer for a roller applicator. Such a device is designed for waxes in plastic packaging with an applicator in the form of a roll, which makes its application on the skin much easier.

Step-by-step home waxing

  1. Heat the wax so that it spreads well on your skin. It should have a liquid consistency. Its temperature must allow it to be safely applied on the skin.
  2. Clean the areas you intend to epilate, preferably with soapy water or tonic
  3. Apply the wax on the skin so that it covers all the hairs thoroughly. Apply in the direction of hair growth, which is usually from top to bottom.
  4. Place an epilation strip on the waxed strip of skin, leaving a small section of the strip at the bottom that is not covered with wax.
  5. In a quick motion, pull the strip upward along the skin. Never pull it upwards
  6. If there is wax residue on the skin, you can repeat the process with a new strip

For granulated or canned wax, you will need a wooden spatula to apply the wax. As with the roller, apply the wax from the top down – never against the hair!

Home waxing – what should you keep in mind?

Avoid waxing if you have a fresh tan, are allergic to wax or have unhealed wounds on the areas you want to epilate. You can epilate once a week – frequent epilation weakens the hair roots. After epilation, be sure to use soothing oil with cooling mint and moisturizing aloe vera to reduce redness and inflammation. Two days before epilation, use a gentle exfoliator to prepare your skin for the treatment and help get rid of the exfoliated skin.

Waxing – can you wax all over your body?

If you do not have sensitive skin, with the help of wax you can epilate all the places where you grow unwanted hair. Gynecologists alert you to avoid plucking hair from mucosal areas. For delicate skin, such as on the face or bikini area, wax-covered epilation strips are suitable. They are a little softer and will not cause irritation. For sensitive areas, use waxes with moisturizing and soothing ingredients. Waxes with honey and aloe vera will be perfect for the bikini area and underarms.

Main photo: Marina Abrosimova/pexels.com

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