Lamp for the living room – which one to choose?

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Choosing a lamp for the living room is a responsible task. The lamp for the living room should decorate the common space, but also hit the tastes and needs of each member of the family.

Choosing a lamp for the living room – what to follow?

A lamp for the living room should be useful, stylish and match the interior design. It is good for the room to have several types of lighting, for example, a standing lamp by the sofa, a beautiful chandelier over the table and a subtle wall lamp that will create an intimate atmosphere. When choosing light bulbs, pay attention to models that shine a soft, warm light, which build a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Types of lamps for the living room

The living room is a room where it is not advisable to rely on only one type of lighting, as each has a distinct role. For this reason, it is advisable to use both wall and floor lamps, chandeliers and spotlights, which we can use simultaneously or separately, depending on the need. Lighting is extremely helpful in dividing the space into sections. This is a practical solution in rooms with small space and in living rooms of impressive size.

In the role of general lighting, as a rule, there is a chandelier mounted in the middle of the ceiling. In a small living room, it is best to install one chandelier, and if the room is more than 25 m² and has a separate dining area, it is worth thinking about two chandeliers in different zones of the room. The most important thing is that they should harmonize with each other.

Additional lighting consists of lamps that illuminate separate zones in the room: a floor lamp standing by the coffee table or a comfortable armchair in the lounge area, as well as wall lamps, fulfilling the role of task lighting, hung by the mirror or a beautiful picture in a rich frame.

With the help of decorative lighting, certain elements in the design of the living room that you want to draw attention to are usually accented. The role of decorative lighting is usually played by LED lamps or cornices, illuminating recesses in the walls, aquariums, room plants, mirrors or paintings. Spot lighting, on the other hand, can serve both a decorative and task lighting function. Spot lamps mounted in the ceiling will optically enlarge and draw the space upward, and illuminate certain zones. Such lamps can complement a chandelier.

Lamps for the living room – what style?

Skillfully selected lighting can be the dot over the “i” in the interior design and an additional decoration of the room.

In a living room arranged in the classic style, based on bright colors without unnecessary exquisiteness, raw, symmetrical and simple forms of lighting will work best. Lamps made of metal, shades of transparent or frosted glass will look great in a living room arranged in the classic style.

In the Hi-Tech decor, lamps with symmetrical shapes made of chrome metal with glass and plastic elements will fit perfectly. For a modern living room, choose lamps with streamlined, gently curved shapes, shades made of multicolored glass with fancy patterns. If your living room draws from the Provençal style, choose wood styled models with carved ornaments and bulbs in the form of candles. Japanese furnishings, on the other hand, beg to be complemented with lampshades made of natural fabric or rice paper, decorated with Eastern-themed drawings or inscriptions.

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