Preschooler’s room – what should it contain?

Preschooler’s room – what should it contain?

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Your toddler grows up, his needs change and he develops his own taste. It is worth to pay attention not only to what is necessary in his room, but also to what he likes. Here are some ideas on how to arrange your child’s room in a way that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

No more crib

Sleep is still one of the most important physiological needs of a preschool-aged toddler. This is also the time when you give up the crib, playpen and cradle – your child simply doesn’t need these things anymore, instead preferring his own bed. It still won’t be the size of an adult bed, but it will give your little one much more freedom and the feeling of not being a small child anymore. When you don’t have any ideas about how to arrange your child’s room, it’s worth to choose a bed, which in itself is also a great decoration of the room. Very popular lately have become cottage beds. Wooden construction, which, adhering to the wall, gives the appearance of a house, as if straight from your kid’s drawing. Then all you need is an interesting wall color and a few accessories, and the baby’s room will look phenomenal.

Learning responsibility

Preschooler is entering that age when we teach him responsibility, how important it is to be systematic and perform household duties. It’s obvious that you don’t hand a vacuum cleaner to a toddler or tell him to do the dishes, but it’s worth taking care that your child feels responsible for the state of the room. The number of toys increases as your little one gets older. It’s natural for an older child to need a wider variety of ways to play – but that doesn’t mean the space in your child’s room has magically expanded. A great solution to both of these issues, are toy baskets. You’ll find a huge selection of fun, colorful baskets at children’s room accessory stores. No matter what colors you decorate your child’s room with or what animal your child is currently in love with. Is she in love with koalas or unicorns? It is worth to pay attention to the materials the baskets are made of. It is worth choosing fabric ones, stiffened with foam. Thanks to this, the toy basket will keep its shape, but it will not be too heavy for the toddler – so your child will be able to move it without adult help and show you how beautifully he cleans his own room.

On the floor and beyond

No matter how grown up your child feels, fun is still important in their life. Leaving aside outdoor entertainment, your toddler spends most of his time in the room you prepare for him. This is where he feels safe, this is where he knows he belongs. He has his favorite toys at hand, his bed, this is his world. It is worth taking care to make this world even more accessible. A perfect idea are play mats. They are made of soft foam, so you provide a safe and comfortable surface for your child to play on. On the Internet, you can easily find countless designs and colors that will easily fit your room and that your little one will like. It’s worth mentioning that the mats work like puzzles – they consist of smaller pieces that can be combined into larger pieces in different ways, which by the way is… Another way to play! It’s also good to make sure that your child has something to sit on in the room and play comfortably. The older your child gets, the more he or she wants to imitate adults, and we rarely spend time on the floor. In this case, children’s pouffes are a great choice. Their colourful, animal patterns, addressed to children, will make every toddler delighted, and he will be able to choose such a pouffe, which he will like the most. Thanks to the polysterine filling – so popular lately – the pouffe will easily adjust to the shape of the person sitting on it, and later return to its original appearance. It is worth paying attention to whether the manufacturer indicates the ease of cleaning the children’s pouffe. As a parent, you know very well how often a toddler brings chaos and mess – if the outer material is removable, it will be easy to clean, even washing it in the washing machine!

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