How to arrange a living room in New York style?

How to arrange a living room in New York style?

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Luxurious interiors of New York apartments, made famous by the art of film, became a pattern to follow. Thus was born the New York style, which many people would like to transfer to their living room. Here is a solid dose of information that will certainly help.

What are the characteristics of the New York style?

Furnishing an apartment in the New York style requires combining raw elegance and splendor with minimalism and cozier accents. Office style should be combined with modernity

Colors in New York style

Subdued colors should dominate. We are talking especially about grays, beiges, light yellow and various shades of white, which are combined with purple, navy blue or green

Space and light

Relocated from Manhattan, the New York style is also characterized by a predilection for large and well-lit spaces. One of its attributes, similarly to loft style, will be large and panoramic windows

Role of furniture and accessories

Furniture should be magnificent, but at the same time simple. Sofas and armchairs should be soft and comfortable, upholstered in colors matching the interior. The table should be modern and necessarily glass. The final effect also depends on the choice of dark and heavy curtains, stylish bedspreads or carpets.

New York style living room furniture

The selection of furniture for New York style interiors is about combining classic form with high-quality materials. We are talking about carefully selected fabrics, organic leather and beautiful wood, which enchants with its natural look, which is combined, for example, with nickel-plated surfaces. In this way, luxury furniture is created, the beauty of which lies in the overall quality, not in elaborate or surprising decorations. It is also worth paying attention to upholstered furniture, which must be comfortable and padded with soft materials. However, they are not as shiny and delicious as in the case of glamour style. It is also worth adding, that arranging in an interesting way the ‘focal point’, the central place in the living room, is favoured by less typical choice of the set of lounge suite; sometimes it happens, for example, that a grey sofa is juxtaposed with cream armchairs. However, it is worth keeping moderation in such experiments.

New York style accessories

Interiors in New York style should be different from the glamour style, for example because they are not so luminous and glittering, but they also combine the old with the new. Hence the need for proper selection of decorations. Elements, described as rustic, are important.

New York style glass

Glass furniture is also characteristic of the New York style. First of all, we are talking about benches and coffee tables. The way they are made varies, as do the shapes. Round, square or rectangular, on a frame resembling the letter ‘X’ or on a single leg, glass tables are very functional, simple and useful. Glass also appears in cabinets and bookshelves, which are designed with this material and metal elements, usually nickel-plated


A classic example of decoration, which can be found in the New York interior in every movie, is a stately standing lamp. Most often their base is nickel-plated or glass, while the lampshade is neat and fabric. In New York interiors, you will also find cushions on sofas, often in colors which differ from the color of the upholstery. They must be shapely and soft

Curtains and chair covers

They should definitely be sewn from heavy and thick materials of high quality, rather in dark colors. Recommended color is bottle green, recently celebrating the peak of popularity. Burgundy and navy blue will also work well.


Choosing a rug for a New York style living room is an opportunity to include a rustic theme in the arrangement of the room. It can be a designer item in different colors with parallel lines running through it

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