How do you keep your home tidy? Here are some of the most important rules!

How do you keep your home tidy? Here are some of the most important rules!

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A tidy home makes us feel good and comfortable in it. Even a small mess is a big problem. First of all, it’s hard to find the things we need and to concentrate in a cluttered space. Check out how easy it is to keep things tidy in the comfort of your home.

Find a place for storage

Many homes lack adequate storage space. If you have few cabinets and shelves, it will be difficult to maintain minimalism in your interior, despite your best intentions. You can change this if you invest in garbage cans and containers. You’ll be able to sort the documents or clothes you need more quickly. Also invest in bins to segregate clothes or cosmetics. A functional closet with drawers and hangers for handbags and shoes is also ideal.

Put everything away

Tidying up your space will be easier if you always put everything back where it belongs. Just make sure you have a fixed place for each type of item – put your documents in your briefcase straight away and your toiletries in your make-up bag or dressing table. This will give you shelf or desk space that only needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Get rid of excess trinkets

Cluttered spaces have a lot of unnecessary trinkets that just collect dust. Replace porcelain figurines or tacky decorations with an elegant vase of flowers. Throw away artificial flowers and travel mementos. Leave only a few photos and baskets of TV remotes and documents outside. An empty table or dresser will be easier to vacuum without having to rearrange everything.

Throw away unnecessary clothes

Clutter is excess stuff, including clothes. By getting rid of the excess or donating them to the needy, you will definitely find it easier to keep your house in order. It is a good idea to segregate your clothes into summer and winter ones. This will help you find the right outfit for the weather outside faster.

Create zones in your home

At home, you can determine which rooms should contain only documents, books and souvenirs or clothes. If you have a large enough space at home, try to create a small dressing room where you can store all your shoes, clothes and accessories. In the bathroom, on the other hand, find space for cosmetics and a corner for painting yourself.

With zones, you’ll be able to find the items you need faster without having to search the entire house. Try to keep things in their proper place. Create storage areas, for example, for tools or paint that you don’t use every day. Organize a space in your basement or hallway so you have some free space for those trinkets

Organize Cleaning

When cleaning, try to clean everything in every room, from shelves to doors and floors. By doing this properly, you are sure to keep things neat and tidy. Make it easier for yourself with simple tricks – before you vacuum the floors, wipe dust off the shelves and sweep crumbs off the table. Then you won’t have to do the same job twice.

While you’re waiting for the water to boil for your tea or coffee, do the dishes and wipe down the worktop with a wet cloth. Maintaining order requires constant work, as well as some discipline. Be sure to involve your children and your partner to help with the cleaning – thanks to joint efforts, the house will shine clean.

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