Layette for a puppy – what should be kept in mind?

Layette for a puppy – what should be kept in mind?

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A small dog in the house is a great joy, but also a lot of questions and doubts whether we have taken care of everything needed for a new member of the family. Well, what should be kept in mind when preparing a layette for a puppy? Read on!


The most essential thing is, of course, food. Find out from the breeder what and how many times a day to feed your puppy, and stick to it for the first two to three months. Moving to a new home is enough stress for a dog, and any additional changes in the menu can affect its stomach badly. It’s better not to take risks and rush into choosing food yourself. Leave this issue for later.


Your puppy will also need bowls, one for water and another for food. The bowls have high rims so the puppy won’t tip them over and spill food on the floor. For dry food, a plastic bowl is suitable, and for water it is better to invest in a ceramic one, as plastic can emit harmful substances when in prolonged contact with liquid.


It will take some time before your puppy learns cleanliness, i.e. where and when to defecate, and it’s a good idea to protect the furniture and floor from waste before he starts controlling the urination process. Remember that the diaper is only a temporary solution and absolutely cannot replace the process of learning how to defecate outside!


Although some breeds don’t require daily combing, we still recommend combing your dog once every three days, otherwise you’ll be dealing with shedding in a year’s time, and a dog not used to being combed may behave, to put it mildly, disobediently. 

Collar and leash

Don’t invest a lot of money in buying a leash and collar, because the puppy period is short enough that you won’t have time to turn around and your pet will grow out of them. To begin with, you will only need a lightweight, adjustable collar with a buckle and a basic leash. Definitely do not buy harnesses, as these can negatively affect the posture of a young dog. You will decide on the length, material of manufacture and quality of the leash material later, once you have a better understanding of your dog’s temperament and the nature of your walks.

Preparation for fleas and ticks

What you should definitely not save on is flea and tick product. It’s better to invest in a top-shelf product, recommended by veterinarians, than to buy cheaper equivalents. The health and life of your pet is at stake here! Flea and tick preparations come in the form of sprays, collars and tablets. It’s up to you to decide which form of parasite protection you choose.


The puppy should have its own place to rest, soft, cozy and warm, so it is worth looking for something adequate in a pet store or to DIY something with your own hands.


Dogs love to play, and puppies in particular! Be sure to buy a latex chew toy, so that the puppy “saw” his teeth, and a good ball, preferably quite hard, so that he does not bite it and – God forbid – swallow it. Pay attention to what your pet plays with. Sometimes a swallowed item can harm him, so there should be no small objects or plastic children’s toys on the floor.

First aid kit

Vaccinated dogs usually enjoy good health and get sick rarely. In case of any ailment, you should go to the vet right away. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to keep a dog’s first-aid kit on hand, which includes a remedy for normalizing intestinal microflora (in case of nausea and vomiting), an immunostimulant, administered when immunity is lowered, and a strengthening medicine.

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