Beige Nail Art Inspiration

Beige Nail Art Inspiration

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Nail stylists still use the beige shade of nail polish very often, and not only for wedding styles. Beige is great for everyday wear, but it is also perfect for evening wear. If you also like this shade of nail polish, be sure to check out how you can combine it with other colors for a stunning look.

Nude Nails with Fine Zircons

Beige nail polish looks great with decorative cubic zirconia. You can place them right next to the cuticles where the matrix starts. You can also use them to make your nails look slenderer. Just put them in the middle of the nail plate, so that they divide the nail into two parts. For this design use small round or square zircons. Many nail stylists also recommend decorating the entire nail plate with small zircons. This look is very popular for bridal manicures.

Nude nail polish with golden elements

Beige nail polish, as well as colors similar to the nude shade, go well with gold. This is a great choice for an evening out, especially if you add gold accents to your style, e.g. in the form of jewelry. A golden, geometric pattern, with which you can decorate just the thumb or all nails, is a very interesting manicure idea. Gold dust can also be placed at the edge, so that it gently surrounds the pad, emphasizing the shape of the nail. Combined with minimalistic, yet elegant zircons or sequins, the manicure will make an electrifying impression. Gold can seem a bit kitschy or too refined, but if you pair it with a beige polish, it becomes more versatile.

Beige plus metallic polish

Of course, metallic polishes don’t just have to appear solo. They are very visible and shimmer beautifully in the light. Because of their shine, you can easily pair them with beige polish. It will make them even more highlighted and also less evening-y. You can cover selected nails with them or make an interesting pattern on a nail covered with beige polish.

Pattern à la white lace

Recently this style is a real hit on wedding stylizations – beige polish is covered with white pattern, which resembles delicate and intricate lace. This effect makes the manicure seem more feminine, and the decoration imitates the real fabric. It looks great on slightly longer nails filed in an oval shape or with a small pointed tip.

Beige French Nail with Neon Finish

Beige nail polishes are very often used for classic French manicure. Recently a new trend has emerged, which appeals especially to younger manicure fans. Beige french is finished with neon polish, which covers the free edge of the nail. It perfectly replaces the classic white polish, making the styling look very original and fresh. Beige is a very universal shade, so you can combine it with almost any color, including neon.

Beige manicure with black elements

If you want to combine softness with mysteriousness and sex appeal, you can use not only beige polish, but also the one in black shade. Delicate lace and stripe patterns go well with a beige background. They are associated with sexy lingerie that hugs the naked body and are therefore considered very appealing. If you also place small zircons on the nail plate the effect can be surprising and elegant at the same time. On beige nails a black geometric pattern works well as well as gently rounded stripes.

Beige Matte Nails

If you want a “wow” effect, you will definitely choose to finish your nails with a glossy top. Still fashionable are matte nail polishes, which are no less elegant than glossy ones. They are perfect for everyday use, because they do not draw attention to themselves, but at the same time they perfectly emphasize the natural beauty of women’s hands. Even without decorative zircons or patterns, matte beige polish will perfectly complement our daily look.

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