How to properly apply face powder?

How to properly apply face powder?

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Powder is undoubtedly one of the most necessary and most used cosmetics. It helps to fix make-up, hide imperfections and, depending on the need, mattify or illuminate the skin. How to apply it properly to achieve the best effect? We suggest.

In addition to choosing the right type and shade of powder, the choice of the application tool and the method of powder application are also important. There are many different accessories on the market today, and each one will help you achieve different results and be more appropriate depending on your needs. Find out which one is best for you and how to use it.

Choosing a powder accessory

Sometimes, even using the best powder, we may be unhappy with the results. The reason for this often turns out to be improper application of the cosmetic. First of all, you should start with a well-chosen powder application tool.

Powder brush

If you want to conceal imperfections, the best brushes to use are the so-called kabuki brushes, i.e. brushes with thick, compact bristles that end flat. They allow you to pick up a larger amount of powder and effectively cover your face with the cosmetic. They are also useful for people who expect strong mattifying effect

For those who prefer a gentle application, a looser brush with long, soft bristles will give a natural result. Use a brush of varying thicknesses: a larger brush will blend comfortably and smoothly over cheeks and forehead, while a smaller one will blend easily around the eyes, nose, and chin

Powder Puff

The most common use for pressed powders is the powder puff, which you can take with you on the go, to a party or at work. Spreading powder with the help of a can is convenient and easy, so you can easily refresh your makeup whenever you need to.

Beauty Blender Sponge

The popular sponge for spreading foundation will also prove to be a great tool for applying powder. The effect obtained with the sponge will satisfy especially ladies who like strong make-up and expect intense matting or covering of imperfections. Beauty Blender will allow you to apply a larger amount of cosmetics and rub it well into the skin

How to apply powder?

Depending on the type of powder, a different tool will prove most suitable. Below you’ll find the best tool for each powder type and how to apply your powder.

Loose powder – application

For loose powders, a brush will work best, but we can also successfully apply cosmetics with a powder puff or a sponge. Before application, remove excess powder from the brush or sponge by shaking it lightly or blowing gently

How do I apply pressed powder?

In this case, too, the best tools for application are: a brush, a can or a sponge. Before applying powder, as above, shake off excess product. Apply to the T-zone first and then to other areas of the face. Remember about the neck too!

If using a brush, apply powder in circular motions. If using a sponge or pad, tap the powder in gently. It is important not to drag them over the face – then unsightly, distinctive marks appear.

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