How to prolong the life of makeup?

How to prolong the life of makeup?

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A party until dawn? An intense day at work? Find out how to apply makeup to prolong its durability.

How to make your makeup last?

Making your makeup last is easier than you think. Before an important family event, you don’t have to go to a beauty salon to make sure your makeup lasts all night. You just need to stick to a few important rules that you can also successfully apply to your everyday makeup.

Cleanse your skin

Makeup lasts better on well-groomed skin. Therefore, it is important to regularly take care of its condition. Systematic exfoliation will rid the skin of the layer of dead skin, and makeup will hold up better as a result. It is also important to regularly cleanse the skin with micellar fluid (removes impurities and makeup residues) and toner (restores the skin’s proper pH) – it is best to do this twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Regardless of how you take care of your skin on a daily basis, thoroughly cleanse your skin before applying makeup. A lot of dirt and sebum accumulates on the skin (yes, even when you don’t have oily skin). Therefore, no matter what time of day you do your makeup, be sure to cleanse your skin with a micellar lotion and toner.

Makeup base

An overlooked element of makeup by many women is the application of a makeup base. This is a mistake, as this cosmetic significantly prolongs the life of makeup. Makeup base (we especially recommend the one in the form of a cream, which also effectively moisturizes) provides a barrier for the skin.  Thanks to it, the skin does not come into direct contact with makeup cosmetics. However, the main purpose of the base is to ensure the durability of the makeup – the applied cosmetics melt into it, so they stay on the skin in a flawless condition much longer.

What if you don’t have a makeup cream-base at home? You can use your standard day cream, but the makeup laid on top of it will not be as long-lasting as the one applied over the base.

It’s also worth getting an eyeshadow base – it will keep your eye makeup from running off too quickly. However, remember not to apply too thick a layer of eye shadow base, as it will start to roll off and will not do its job.

What to do to make your makeup last all night?

Many women choose to use a makeup fixing spray before an all-night party. You can also find this product under the name of makeup fixer or setting spray. It is applied after the makeup is done.

You should close your eyes and spray it on your face. Do not bring the atomizer too close to your face, it is important to spray your makeup with a fine mist of the product, as this will prevent unsightly spots. Remember not to open your eyes until you feel that the applied spray has dried completely.

Always perfect makeup

Despite using the right makeup products and applying them skillfully, you will not get the effect of perfect makeup in every situation. There are times when it is simply impossible. A workout at the gym, a brisk walk on a hot day or a crazy dance at a party will put even your best-prepared makeup to severe tests. Imperfections will certainly appear then, but they happen to every person. So it’s worth approaching them with detachment and, for example, after getting off the dance floor, use mattifying blotting papers and powder your nose again.

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