Crochet returns to favor – a guide for beginners

Crochet returns to favor – a guide for beginners

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Crocheting is a craft for everyone. Regardless of age, gender, work mode – this activity has a relaxing effect and is very impressive. Handmade accessories are also one of the most beautiful gifts that can be given to a loved one. It is worth delving into the world of yarn and find out that crocheting is an incredibly rewarding practice.

Where to start?

Crocheting should begin by learning the terminology and basic tools. A good way to do this is to stock up on some magazines that contain instructions and essential advice for beginners. Also look at online forums for crochet enthusiasts. There you will find not only valuable advice, but also reviews of yarns of a particular brand. First of all, do not be afraid to ask

At the beginning of your journey with crocheting, it will also be necessary to know the most popular materials with which to work on crochet. To do this, go to the haberdashery and look at live yarns and cordons. There are many materials available in online and stationary stores, both natural and synthetic. For this reason, always read the composition of the yarn, which is located on the label. This will allow you to select only good quality items. Buy less, but choose more expensive and better raw materials. Instead of several synthetic fiber yarns, choose one made of natural wool. Deciding to buy quality material, you are more confident that your project will not deform in the wash and will retain its color longer

Necessary accessories for crochet

With the growing popularity of knitting, with particular emphasis on crochet, more and more manufacturers offer professional instruments. At first, however, it is worth deciding on the simplest tool without additives. Similarly in the case of yarn. It is best to start with the most popular fabrics. Working with them will not cause much difficulty, even for beginners

The most important accessory is a crochet hook. Choosing the right model, take into account first of all two basic parameters: the size of the hook and the material. Manufacturers indicate the size of the hook in millimeters, and the values usually vary between 0.45 mm and 35 mm (wooden). It’s worth knowing that thinner materials are designed for cotton yarns and cordons, while thicker versions are used when working with wool. If you are at the beginning of your journey with crocheting, opt for a medium hook, which will enable faster learning. If you choose a hook that is too thin to begin with, you will have difficulty counting stitches and it will be harder for you to master basic stitches. Thicker hooks, on the other hand, are designed for intermediate learners and are used to create blankets or rugs.

Another parameter should be the material from which the crochet hook is made. Nowadays on the market you can find instruments made of bamboo, metal, aluminum, steel and even glass. To begin with, however, you need to know that crochets made of natural materials will work well for slippery yarns (such as silk), while aluminum and metal will be ideal for creating sweaters made of natural wool

pasart – Crochet for beginners. How to make half-post, post and magic circle?

How to effectively learn stitches?

There is no one-size-fits-all way to successfully learn stitches. It is important that you feel comfortable with crochet in your hand. At the beginning, focus on the basics to work faster and more efficiently later. Crochet geeks especially recommend making your own notes. A recommended method is also to redraw diagrams on a piece of paper and describe them in your own words. In addition, the Internet is available a lot of tutorials teaching step by step how to make simple and more complicated stitches. It is also worth to reach for professional literature. On the market there are many magazines and guides for beginners. Each edition contains detailed drawings and instructions of experts.

Crochet – the most important advice for beginners

If you still have doubts about what crochet hook will be suitable for you, take a look at the label of the yarn. Manufacturers usually include information about the preferred tool. This will help you avoid problems with creating stitches. Do not break down if a project does not work out. In the beginning, the most important thing is to use a crochet hook in your hand without any problems. You should also expand your knowledge with more advanced stitches, which will allow you to create more and more complex concepts. Try to work with crochet regularly. It is much more effective to work for a few minutes every day than to work for several hours only once a week

Crocheting is a relaxing and rewarding activity. Things made using crochet definitely stand out aesthetic qualities. Handicrafts are also a great way to do business. By creating unique designs, it is easy to fit into the popular contemporary trend to buy local products from small entrepreneurs and support domestic manufactures that offer high quality

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