Closet for the hallway – which one to choose?

Closet for the hallway – which one to choose?

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A hall closet is the perfect place to store clothes and other essentials. Thanks to it, the anteroom shall become more spacious. Choosing an appropriate closet for the anteroom shall allow us to perfectly arrange this space.

Free-standing closet for the anteroom

A free standing closet shall be appropriate for square anterooms and those, where it is more difficult to have a built-in closet. A small two-door closet shall certainly replace less aesthetic hangers, which are often placed in anterooms. A closed closet allows us to hide coats and jackets, and a free-standing closet enables us to place this piece of furniture, even when we do not have a niche in the hall. A good idea for a loft interior will be a free standing closet made of oak wood. The space shall be optically enlarged by a mirror placed on the door of the closet. A two wing closet shall ideally suit classical interiors. It is worth to select a model, which has also at least two drawers. Thanks to them it shall be easier to find place for our scarves or hats. It is also possible to choose a variant with sliding rather than opening doors. Such models will be ideal for modern hallways

Enclosed closet for the hallway

If our hallway has an alcove in it, the ideal solution will be to make a built-in closet. Thanks to this, we will maximally use the space in the hallway. Such an alcove may be perfectly developed. A built-in closet shall accommodate all our clothes and accessories.

A built-in closet should have:

  • shelves for baskets or shoe boxes,
  • drawers, including drawers with dividers,
  • wire baskets, suitable for storing e.g. belts or shoes,
  • hanger rods at two heights,
  • pantographs – rods which have the function of sliding them in and out,
  • halogen lighting which helps us to find clothes even in a dark hallway,
  • sealing brushes at the doors to prevent dust from getting inside,
  • door stoppers in the rails,
  • stoppers placed in the rails.

Such built-in closet systems may be slightly more expensive than a standard sliding closet, but they will allow us to make 100% use of the niche and to store many things. For tall winter shoes, rails on which you can hang a special hanger for shoes with high uppers will be very helpful.

The doors in built-in closets are also not insignificant. You can choose either sliding doors or aluminum doors. The aluminum door system is more often used in passages between rooms. Hinged doors can also be mounted on such aluminum systems. The door casing is usually made of aluminum or steel, which is slightly cheaper. Definitely less space is taken up by the sliding door system, which is recommended for small spaces. To make the space seem a bit bigger, it is also a very good idea to install a mirror in the door

Before we choose a closet for a hall, let’s check if its opening and closing is troubleless for us, and if it has shelves and bars, on which we will be able to put jackets and other clothes

Photo: Promofocus/Pixabay

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