What’s useful in caring for your dog and cat?

What’s useful in caring for your dog and cat?

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Owning a pet is very rewarding and can be an incredibly beautiful experience. However, the beginning can be difficult, especially for people who have never had a pet. Caring for a living being is not as intuitive a matter as you might think. See what you will need to take care of your cat and dog

Dog kennel

Every dog needs its own space in the house, or at least two – one in the living room, where the whole family usually hangs out, and another in the bedroom with the owner. The dog bed should be placed in a quiet corner rather than in a busy part of the house. Its dimensions should be at least 10% longer and 10% wider than the animal itself, this allows the dog to comfortably lie down and enter the REM phase

If you want to let your dog climb on the couch and bed, you need to take care of his joints. Jumping up to great heights and jumping off them onto hard floors can be very harmful to your dog’s paws and spine. At https://littleheroes.pl/82-do-domu-schodki-dla-psow, you can buy special dog steps that will make it easier for your pet to climb on the sofa

Dog bowls should be durable and safe, i.e. not react with food or water. For food, a stainless steel bowl will be the best and easiest to clean. This material is also the most resistant to the force of a dog’s jaws. On the other hand, water is tastiest and spoils the latest in a ceramic bowl. Pets are more likely to drink water if it’s fresh, so it’s worth providing them with a bowl that will keep it fresh. Food, both wet and dry, should be grain-free and high-meat. When choosing food, always read the ingredients and beware of popular brands and market foods that contain many harmful cloggers and only 4% meat

You also need toys for your pet. Chews, tuggers, sniffing mats, licking toys, and other intelligence toys are a must to provide your dog with the right level of intellectual stimulation to keep him comfortable. A harness or collar and leash, preferably webbing, will also be necessary; automatic ones are not optimal for dogs or their handlers.

Cat layette

Cats have slightly different requirements than dogs. These independent animals take care of their needs in the house, so they require a litter box, and in fact one cat needs at least two. The rule about the number of litter boxes is very simple – one more box than cats in the house, so for one cat two boxes, for two pets three and so on

The cat also absolutely needs a scratching post on which to clean and sharpen its claws. Scratching is a natural need for a cat that it will fulfill whether you provide it with a suitable place to do so or not. So if you want to save your furniture and walls, invest in a good scratching post, such as from https://pociechowo.pl/kot/drapak-dla-kota. The best would be a scratching post in the form of a cat tree, so that the cat can fulfill one more of its needs – observation from a high point

The cat’s bowls can be both ceramic, or like for a dog – metal and ceramic. Cats by nature drink very little water, so you have to make sure it is always fresh and tasty. Due to the fact that these animals shy away from drinking, they get dehydrated easily, so you need to provide them with a source of water in their food. The mainstay of the cat’s diet should be high-meat wet food

A cat also needs toys to stimulate its intellect, exercise and fulfill its hunting instincts. So stock up on plenty of fishing rods and wands (you’ll need to change them frequently so your cat doesn’t get bored), a sniffing mat, gourmet balls and other intelligence toys. The cat’s bed should be in a quiet place, preferably at a certain height that will give the cat peace and privacy.

Main photo:Krista Mangulsone/unsplash.com

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