Wall color for the living room – which one to choose?

Wall color for the living room – which one to choose?

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The color of walls in a living room is very important because it decides what style the whole room will be. Additionally, it is very important how we take care of our living room – it is the place where we most often invite guests or rest ourselves. It should be for us an oasis of peace and our private place to rest.

What wall colors for what kind of decor?

A lot depends on the style of our living room. Many people nowadays choose a very minimalist Scandinavian style. Today’s “IKEA generation” chooses rather simple and not very decorative furniture and accessories. Minimalism is in price, so uniform and neutral wall colors in such a room and with such a decor are a great solution. One should remember that decor of a living room is also the color of walls. So it is worth taking care that they are matched with the rest of the elements

Classics always in fashion

Minimalist Scandinavian style looks great in white, gray and beige. Bright color of walls can be broken with, for example, decorations in a form of wooden panels glued on one of walls. Slices of wood beautifully standing out on the background of bright walls will make the whole room look a bit more modern, but also fashionable. Bright colors give us great possibilities when it comes to choosing the color of furniture. White, but also pine furniture will look great. It is a good idea to mix styles – light walls in the shade of white or grey are certainly a beautiful background for darker furniture in the shade of oak or for black furniture with white accessories. A light paint color is always a great idea when furniture with darker fronts is about to take over our living room.

Classic interiors with machoni furniture or oak furnishings should better highlight their unique color. Then let’s choose paints in shades of burgundy, sea or bottle green, dove blue or darker gray. They will make leather furniture or wooden shelves and dressers beautifully highlighted. Do not be afraid of energetic shades of red or yellow either. On their background, natural wood also looks great.

Buying interior paint

What to pay attention to when buying paint for the living room:

  • intensity of color,
  • washability,
  • hypoallergenicity,
  • ease of application,
  • uV resistance.

It is worth before buying paint for the living room to check how the color will look like. First of all, you should buy a small pack of paint and test it on our wall. In home conditions – at a different angle and natural, warm light coming through the windows – the shade may look completely different than in the store, where the light is artificial and usually cold

What instead of paint on the wall?

These days, we don’t have to limit ourselves to just paint on the wall. We can also get ourselves some interesting stucco or wooden panels in a modern version. The so-called English panelling is also coming back into favor. It can be painted between moldings and placed only in the middle of the wall. This is a great idea for living rooms with high ceilings. Thanks to this, the living room will gain proportions. Protruding wooden laths are also very fashionable. They give the impression of three-dimensionality and are recommended for industrial and loft interiors. They can easily optically raise and lengthen our living room. Recently a real hit among wall panels turned out to be upholstery wall panels with texture. Cubistic shapes or herringbone pattern will surely fit into modern and minimalistic style of our living room. Wall panels can be made of plastic and have an interesting three-dimensional structure. They will add character to the interior and certainly replace classic wallpaper. Also popular now are stuccos referring to the palace style, which will work well with classic wall paints.

Photo Nataliya Vaitkevich/Pexels

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