Interior design ideas for the hallway

Interior design ideas for the hallway

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The hallway is something like a showcase of the entire house. Its interior must harmonize with the style of other rooms. How to arrange it to be a functional and integral part of the house?

An anteroom in loft style

When arranging a hall in loft style, pay attention to the following criteria:

– materials imitating stone and brick;

– brown and blue colors;

– original decorative elements;

– futuristic paintings;

– metal accessories.

Loft style design looks unusual and builds a unique atmosphere in the apartment. However, it requires space and high ceiling, so in small and low interiors it should rather be avoided. The climate of loft arrangement will emphasize hanging and wall lamps. Furniture of such an anteroom should be as simple as possible. Put a bookcase or a capacious built-in closet, a chest of drawers and a shelf for shoes.

Hallway in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is chosen by lovers of light tones. This is an optimal option for those who own a dark hallway. The room will gain attractiveness thanks to the following elements:

– white furniture;

– wooden flooring;

– natural materials;

– pastel colors.

Deciding on the arrangement of the hall in Scandinavian style, you should renounce any exaggeration. There is no place for rich and exuberant accessories. Arrangement of the hall in Scandinavian style allows you to combine white with blue, as well as light shades of gray and green. Blue decorative elements will help you enliven the interior. Scandinavian style captivates with its simplicity. If you decide on it, make sure that the walls and the ceiling are perfectly even and maintained in one color.

Hallway in minimalist style

Do you live in a block of apartments and your apartment is not big enough? Go for minimalist style, taking into account in the arrangement of the hallway:

– warm lighting;

– wallpapers without drawings;

– single coloured ceiling;

– limited number of decorations.

The hallway arranged in such a way can be enlivened with potted plants and paintings. The anteroom with elements of brown and black looks stylish. On the other hand, beige color combined with wood will add coziness.

An anteroom in a modern style

A small hallway can also be decorated in a modern style. This is a universal style, the determinants of which are elegance, functionality and minimalism. Such a hallway is best decorated in light tones. Opt for shades of beige, white and gray. To finish the floor in the modern style are best suited:

– wood;

– laminate;

– porcelain stoneware;

– stone tiles.

However, give up carpets or patterned mosaics. Arrangement of the anteroom in the block should be based on a monochromatic color palette. A small interior is extremely demanding, do not clutter it with a large amount of furniture. Instead, folding seats, built-in closets and multifunctional furniture are welcome. Arrangement of the hallway in a modern style will be complemented by flowers in vases and succulents.

Hallway in pop art style

Are you a fan of bold solutions? Then consider pop art style. What makes this style unique?

– bright colors;

– combination of different finishes;

– minimal number of furniture;

– drawings and paintings with images of comic book heroes;

– dressers and bookcases instead of cabinets.

Purples and pinks here are adjacent to white, and on the walls hang colorful posters with images of pop culture icons. An original solution in the pop art style interior are hand-finished furniture with motifs from cult comic books. However, the frenzy of colors and motifs should be balanced by the floor finish. Opt for a bright laminate or a single-colored tile.

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