Personalized gifts – ideas for inexpensive gifts

Personalized gifts – ideas for inexpensive gifts

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Regardless of the occasion, it is a good idea to give a special gift to someone who is important to you. It’s not always easy to decide what to give a family member or friend.

It’s not always easy to decide what to give a family member or friend. The choice of the right gift has to be thought out in advance and matched to the interests and character of the person who, for example, has a birthday. Personalized gifts are a great way to show a loved one how well we know them and how much they mean to us. We have prepared some suggestions for gifts for different occasions below.

Practical mugs

They will be perfect as birthday, name day, congratulations or housewarming gifts. On the Internet you can find mugs with ready-made prints, which you can easily match to the person you would like to give it to. You can also use a special wizard to create your own design, on which you can put your photo, a quote or a funny slogan. These kinds of mugs are not expensive, but they are an interesting souvenir for a long time. A mug with your favorite movie, TV show, book or game character on it can also be a good idea.

Funny T-shirts

An idea not only for people interested in fashion. Similarly as in the case of mugs, you can print your photo, slogan or wishes on T-shirts. Modern technology makes it possible to print in very good quality, which remains in pristine condition for many years. A t-shirt is also an inexpensive and very practical gift e.g. for people who like sports. You can also give it to those who enjoy hiking or simply wear t-shirts frequently. They will surely be happy to have a garment that is unique because it is personalized to their interests.

Occasional Labels

Not sure what to give your friends to celebrate moving into a new apartment? An interesting idea can be a bottle of wine with a special label on which you can wish them happy moments in their new place. Examples of such projects can be found on You can also attach labels to birthday or congratulatory gifts.

Cotton bags

Ecological and practical at the same time. They are useful during everyday shopping and travelling. They will be a good idea especially for women, who like to care for the environment and stand out in the crowd with interesting accessories. Stores sell a wide range of cotton bags – you can choose from different sizes, colors and prints, giving you lots of options for personalising your bag in an interesting way.

Something with engraving

It doesn’t have to be an inscription on jewelry. Engravings are more and more often placed on e.g. glasses or glass frames, and even on filter bottles or wooden packages! This is a great alternative to traditional printing. You can give such gifts to your husband or girlfriend on the occasion of their birthday.

Photos on canvas and photo-album

Photos are a beautiful keepsake for years. They will be a great idea for a gift on the occasion of a wedding anniversary or round birthday. You can print them on canvas or create an interesting and elegant photo-album. Satisfaction of the gifted person is guaranteed!

Do it yourself

Handicrafts of all kinds have been enjoying great popularity in recent years. Salt-moulded figurines or paintings created with paints or pencils will be a good way to show how much the person means to you, especially if they are interested in art.


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