What kind of flooring for a balcony?

What kind of flooring for a balcony?

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Choosing the right material for a balcony floor can cause many difficulties. Even more so if you want an aesthetically pleasing and durable solution. Check out our ideas for balcony flooring!

What to give for a balcony floor?

Proper finishing of the floor on the balcony is often quite a challenge. However, if you take some time and do some research among the available materials before deciding what to give for the balcony floor, the choice will be much easier. Remember that not every type of flooring will work on a balcony. After all, this is a place with special conditions – the floor will be exposed to rain and moisture, sunlight, high and low temperatures and dirt. Therefore, it is worth choosing such a material for the balcony floor, which will not only meet our aesthetic expectations, but will also be durable. So what can we choose from?

Tiles for the balcony – a proven solution

According to many people, the only right choice for a balcony floor is tiles. They are particularly appreciated for their high durability and ease of maintenance. Not without significance is also their relatively low price. However, be sure not to choose the cheapest possible tiles for the balcony, as they may be less durable than special tiles designed for outdoor installation. It is also worth noting that the surface of the tiles should not be perfectly smooth – such tiles are definitely easier to clean, but during rainy days they will be extremely slippery.

The undoubted advantage of tiles is also the huge number of shapes, patterns and colors in which they are available. No matter what style you want to decorate your balcony in, you are sure to find tiles that will fit in perfectly.

Wooden flooring – a balcony in good taste

If you want to create a cozy space on your balcony, then your plan should definitely start with laying a wooden floor. Contrary to appearances, this is a more practical solution than you might think! Wooden flooring on the balcony is extremely elegant, but also very functional. Planks intended for balcony flooring have riffles, or indentations, which make them non-slippery. What’s more, wooden flooring is much more pleasant to the touch (it doesn’t heat up in hot weather, so you can walk on it barefoot without the risk of burning your feet) and doesn’t cause such severe injuries during a fall as, for example, tile flooring (this is especially important if you have small children).

Maintaining the cleanliness of the wooden floor on the balcony should not cause major problems. It is recommended to regularly wash the boards with water and a mild all-purpose liquid or one designed for washing wooden surfaces.

What can be laid on the balcony instead of tiles and wooden boards?

The choice of flooring materials for the balcony does not end with tiles and wood. You should also think about the option of composite boards (they look like wood, but are as durable as plastic), artificial grass, rubber tiles, stone tiles or concrete slabs. Note that the last two mentioned materials are heavy, so not every balcony can afford to lay such a floor.

As you can see, the choice of materials that we can lay on the balcony is relatively wide. Therefore, before you make a final decision, think carefully about what effect you want to achieve.

main photo: unsplash.com/Artur Aleksanian

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