How to whiten teeth? The best ways

How to whiten teeth? The best ways

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Shiny and white teeth give us confidence. If you notice a lot of plaque and have trouble keeping your teeth white, it’s worth trying out ways to make them shine again.

At-home Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments in dental offices are quite expensive. So, many people decide to use home methods. However, it should be taken into account that not all available preparations are safe for our teeth. If you absolutely want to try them, buy them from reliable places. Dentists recommend such companies that create a range of products safe for the enamel. Be sure to ask about them during your follow-up visit

Home teeth whitening will not be possible in case of dead teeth after root canal treatment. In this case, you should consult a dentist who will suggest a more effective whitening treatment

The simplest way is to use a whitening paste, which, thanks to active ingredients, will help get rid of tartar and plaque. They can be divided into:

  • abrasive, which have polishing ingredients – silica, pearl powder, abrasive polymers or active carbon; they mechanically remove plaque from teeth, they are not recommended for people with sensitive teeth and exposed tooth necks,
  • enzymatic – contain plant enzymes that dissolve stains and protein film, are not abrasive to enamel, work only on its surface,
  • with peroxides – they remove surface stains and affect the color of teeth thanks to active ingredients, such as carbamide peroxide; they brighten teeth by several shades in VITA steel, and their long-term use is comparable to whitening treatments with professional gels.

One at-home way to whiten teeth is to use overlays with whitening gel. The effects are similar to those of whitening strips. You can buy them for about 100 zł for 10 overlays. Follow the instructions carefully because keeping the trays on the teeth for too long damages the enamel.

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Teeth whitening at the dentist’s office

The most durable whitening treatment is done in the dentist’s office.

Whitening by means of gel trays costs from 400 to 800 zł. The dentist applies a whitening gel on the teeth, which eliminates the plaque. The effect of such whitening lasts for a year.

A more modern, but also more expensive method is teeth whitening with a diode laser. Before the application of the fixing lamp, the plaque is covered with a special whitening gel. A treatment with the Beyond system takes about 60 minutes and is completely painless. The whitening effect lasts for about 2 years.

Teeth whitening can be combined with the enamel repair procedure. Prevedent regeneration costs from 1200 to 2000 zł. However, the effect is worth such a high price. Prevedent is applied on the enamel, which whitens and at the same time remineralizes the enamel due to the calcium nano-hydroxyapat contained in it. The foam created when it is applied to the teeth reaches deep into the dentinal tubules, which effectively rebuilds the enamel and significantly reduces its sensitivity. Additionally, it whitens teeth even by 8%. Unfortunately, this preparation cannot be used on dead teeth.

One of the more expensive ways to whiten teeth and improve their appearance are veneers. They can be placed over chipped or uneven sections of enamel. This is a common procedure for people who have teeth treated with root canal therapy. The cost of placing a single veneer ranges from 800 to even 3000 zł.

A frequently used whitening procedure is Power Bleaching, also called Walking Bleaching. This is a method of whitening dead teeth. The bleaching agent is placed under the enamel of the dead tooth. Thanks to this it does not get darker and looks very aesthetic. The cost of the procedure closes in 300 zł for one tooth.

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