The most beautiful flowers for your balcony

The most beautiful flowers for your balcony

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A balcony can be a great place to relax as long as you take care of the right flowers. Growing plants on your balcony isn’t a problem as long as it gets plenty of sunlight. Here are some of the most beautiful balcony flowers which are sure to make a statement, even in a small space.

Pelargoniums – a classic among balcony flowers

Many people choose geraniums as balcony flowers. First of all, they are extremely hardy and can bloom until September! Importantly, they store water in their stems and leaves, so they will not be harmed by a sudden drought if you leave them unwatered while you go on a short vacation. To keep them blooming nicely, water them morning and evening during hot weather. You can also invest in a blooming flower conditioner to improve their growth. Fertilizing is also very important – geraniums like granular fertilizer and proper soil with minerals. Unfortunately, geraniums should be cleaned frequently of wilted flowers and withered stems to accommodate more flowers. These are exceptionally beautiful and spherical in shape.


This flower with a somewhat funny name is native to Africa and is also called the African daisy. It has very strong stems that it has grown due to the harsh desert conditions. In them it stores water and minerals for hard times. This plant shrubs strongly and can reach a width of up to 40 cm. If you absolutely want to have it on your balcony, put one seedling in the middle of a rectangular pot. Osteospermum should be watered quite often, but not too much, because if the soil is too wet it will start to rot. If you want to speed up its bushiness, make sure to remove dried out inflorescences. It likes sheltered and sunny places. It is certainly an ideal flower for a person who is only beginning his/her adventure with gardening.


This graceful plant is perfect for terraces and balconies. You can grow it in pots and it likes sunny places. As a base choose humus and permeable soil. It is advisable to mix it with sand, because this flower likes to be watered a lot. During drought the sand will retain moisture so that the petunias do not wither. They have similar requirements as surfinias, so to nourish the inflorescence you should also use a multi-nutrient mix dedicated to both petunias and surfinias. This can be purchased at garden stores in granulated form.


Begonias are great for a shady balcony, so if you have a terrace that faces a neighbouring building, this plant will thrive on it. Importantly, they can be planted in fairly windy areas, such as if you live on higher floors or on a hill. Begonias have strong and sturdy stems, which are not afraid of even strong gusts. When not in bloom, it can also decorate your balcony perfectly. It has beautiful and spreading leaves, which are sure to blend in interestingly with other plants. Water it with lime-free water, such as filtered water. It will certainly reward you with beautiful blooms.


Also called American nettle or Brazilian nettle, but don’t worry! Its stems will not sting you as badly as those of the common nettle. It can grow up to 80 cm and looks really good. It likes a sunny spot, sheltered from the wind. It is important that the soil for koleus is humus and well-drained. In order to increase its watering capacity, you can mix all-purpose soil with expanded clay. You can tell by the falling leaves that your coleus is demanding more water. If you do water your specimen, make sure that the water is dehydrated. From April to September you can support its growth by fertilizing the soil with an all-purpose fertilizer for flowering plants. These efforts will certainly not be in vain, because coleus have beautiful, multicolored leaves, which look great also in late autumn.

Photo Daria Shevtsova/Pexels

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