High-waisted pants – how to wear them?

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After years of dominance of hip pants, high-waisted pants are back in stores. This model is gradually conquering the hearts of women around the world. How to wear high-waisted pants to emphasize your figure?

High waisted pants are making a big comeback in the fashion of the 70s and 90s, but they do not mean vintage style. Thanks to such tailored pants we can emphasize or bring out the waist, optically extend legs and mask tummy and sides. High-waisted pants are suitable for both casual and formal styling. How to wear them and what to combine them with to look stylish? Here are our tips!

High waisted pants

A high-waist or high waist sign on the label describes pants that reach to the belly button or even slightly higher. This model looks perfect on women with a tight waist and those with long legs. Fortunately, thanks to a few styling tricks, high-waisted pants may be worn by women with different figure types. High rise allows to emphasize your assets and cover up your figure’s weaknesses.

High-waisted pants for different body types

High-waisted pants allow to optically lengthen the legs. Short people, who care about the “wow” effect, should bet on short blouses or shirts tucked inside the pants. Regardless of the type of leg – straight, tube or culotte – pants should be long. It is also recommended to match them with high heels or platform shoes.

High-waisted pants are perfect for hiding protruding sides or slightly bigger belly. If you want to achieve an optical slimming effect, choose straight legs, pants in dark colors, with vertical stripes. Pants without pockets, applications, patches and decorations are also a better choice.

Contrary to popular belief, high-waisted pants do not have to be avoided by ladies with a so-called column figure – without a waistline. Quite the contrary. Properly chosen high-waisted pants, necessarily worn with a belt, will add proportion to the figure and emphasize the waist. It is important to complement the styling with short blouses, shirts, tucked-in blouses or bodysuits. Covering high-waisted pants with a long shirt or T-shirt does not make sense and spoils the effect.

High-waisted pants for work

Looking for the right model of high-waisted pants for work, we can bet on those made of different kinds of materials. Thicker and more rigid ones are perfect for the autumn-winter season. On the other hand, light culottes made of airy material will do even on hot days.

High-waisted pants should be matched with a top or a shirt tucked into pants. A belt is a must. Complete the look with heels and a jacket or a blazer. Contrary to appearances, well-fitting high-waisted pants are very comfortable. They will not press even during long hours of sitting at a desk.

High waisted pants in informal version

High-waisted pants are perfect in combination with short tops. You can even allow yourself to boldly uncover your belly. Crop tops, Spanish dresses, bodysuits and tight tops will go perfectly.

Light high-waisted pants can be combined with a more built-up bikini top. You may also choose a classic top and put on an openwork top. This sensual summer outfit is perfect for a romantic dinner or an evening walk for two. Remember that the effect of emphasized waist and nicely framed buttocks will be achieved only by matching high-waisted pants with a short top.

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