How to arrange a living room with a kitchenette? A few proposals

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Are you looking for an idea for a practical and effective arrangement of a living room with a kitchenette? Check our suggestions!

Combination of living room with kitchenette is a popular solution not only for small interiors. It is also valued because of its practicality, functionality and possibility to create a modern arrangement. A kitchenette with a living room can be found not only in apartments, but also in detached houses with a large area. Open kitchen has many advantages, and a creative arrangement allows you to use them all.

Living room with kitchenette: border space

Arrangement of a living room with a kitchenette should begin by thinking about whether and how we want to mark the boundary between the kitchen and leisure areas. Creating a border is not necessary – we can bet on a completely open kitchen, which smoothly passes into the living room. Demarcation of the border, however, is a popular solution because of its practicality and the accompanying impression of orderliness of space.

Kitchen island

One of the most popular ways to separate the kitchen space from the leisure space is the use of a kitchen island. Placed on the border of the kitchen part, the island will perfectly isolate the area, and at the same time will allow you to obtain additional workspace.

Countertop and bar chairs

Another effective and at the same time functional solution is to place on the border of the kitchen and living room part a raised tabletop, which will serve as a table. High bar chairs will work great as seats here.

Extending the worktop

Another way to delineate the border between the kitchen and living room is to extend the worktop, so that in effect we get a popular and well-loved U-shaped development. Thanks to this we have more space to work and an aesthetic border between the two parts of the room.

Arrangement of the kitchen and sitting area

When arranging a living room with a kitchenette, let’s consider whether we want one of these parts to be the main one, under which we adapt the other part of the room. In such a case, we focus first on the selected part, to then adjust the rest of the space to it.

We can also approach the arrangement in a balanced way, dividing the attention evenly between the kitchen and living area. Then we often plan the arrangement of both parts at the same time, trying to match their individual elements.

Among the most commonly used solutions can be distinguished the following ways of arranging a living room with a kitchenette:

  • consistent color scheme,
  • colors that distinguish one part from another.

If we decide on a consistent color scheme, we need to think well in advance about all the elements of both the kitchen part and the living room. Both parts should have common colors and coordinating materials. We can also opt for a completely uniform color scheme.

Another way of arrangement is clearly different colors of each part of the room. This solution requires a good feeling in choosing colors. A successful combination of contrasting colors can create a stunning effect and at the same time optically separate one part from another. 

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